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Hey! I am Victoria, but you can call me Kou. Ghost-type blogging Pokémon. Feel free to message me!
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Please don’t remove the credit.

Oh, glad to hear you're doing fine! I'm fine too, though a bit bored haha


Well, to be honest I am kind of bored and deciding on what to do, too. I have just finished some homework and need to disperse my head a little. How about you? :o

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If Yuuya’s signature Pendulum monsters do not have any other sort of counterpart, I want them at least to have baby forms. That would be adorable. Just imagine a baby Odd-Eyes Dragon in a similar vein to Galaxy-Eyes Cloud Dragon, or Magician of Astromancy and Magician of Chronomancy as cute little apprentices mastering their elements. ;w;

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Hiya Kou! How have you been doing? -duel fuel


Hey! ;w; I am fine, just hanging around here from time to time. How are you doing over there?

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Everyone’s favorite Zexal couple has there own cards!

With the upcoming release of Lillybot(better known as Obomi) in Dragons of Legends and the release of Oribital back in Cosmo Blazer this robo couple has their own card.

One of our neighbors is apparently having a big family reunion for Holy Week, and my mom and I would have no trouble with that… if only the invitees stopped mistaking the bell of our apartment with hers.

Blegh, it has been five times. That is way past the rule of three.

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Trick-or-Treat is a really cute move okay



For Windows.

My friends and I occasionally have this problem so I’ve taught them this simple method that takes less than a minute as opposed to waiting several for your computer to restart(especially if it’s slow).

What’s great about this method is that sometimes restarting your computer wont fix the problem, but this usually will.


This is important, otherwise the changes wont take effect. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again, sometimes it takes restarting it more than once.

For Windows 8, search for “services.msc” in your apps and click on the result. Continue from there!

Now go draw, babies!


Ive been having so much trouble with my tablet driver and this sorted it right out just now.

Under the cut for the sudden urge to rant about a fairy tale.

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I’m really good at keeping secrets because five minutes later I forget what you told me because I don’t care

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ghost/grass babies ♥ ♥ ♥